Thursday, January 29, 2009


ben frank said that both fish and visitors stink after three days. it's been three weeks since my two aunts, uncle and cousin came down from washington state, and i was mostly glad they were around, i think they're starting to stink. i was talking to my other cousin about this the other day and said, "God.. if they don't leave tomorrow, i'm going to leave." so yes, if they don't leave by tomorrow, i'm going somewhere. somewhere else.

of course, my cousin also put forth a metaphor of his own about girls being underwear and after "wearing" one for one day, you have to wear a new one or at least launder the old one. i think perhaps his metaphor falls short of ben frank's.

in other news, john updike died a couple of days ago. a month ago, i planned on listing a bunch of people that died in 2008.. because there were a lot. let's see...

william f. buckley
bobby fischer
sir edmund hillary
heath ledger
arthur c. clarke
charlton heston
albert hofmann
syndey pollack
george carlin
issac hayes
richard wright
paul newman
michael crichton

hmm, i guess this is it among the people that had some sort of effect (some small, some large) on my life. it'd be tight if i could go down this list and do something in remembrance of these people. number seven would be tough to do now-ish i guess.

my internet's been really shitty the past month. some hours of the day it works fine, while in others it connects for like 10 seconds and then disconnects and follows that routine. i probably spent like 20 gold on repairs on deaths where i didn't really need to die (dc while fighting a mob at 3/4 mana and hp). still, i dinged 71, and wrath is pretty fun. they made wow so easy. as soon as i started again at 61 or 62, i had like 3 new abilities that made me able to not drink while questing plus a finishing spell and an aoe heal/damage. supposedly you can even run naxx in a pug. in the very near future i'm going to get a new router and if that doesn't solve the problem, i might switch to verizon fios or something.

also, once upon a time in america is a really good movie. sergio leone, robert de niro, ennio morricone.. goddamn.. >_< now i need to watch a fistful of dollars trilogy.

the past couple weeks have been different from the past six months because the presence of my relatives and the shittiness of my internet have precluded me from distracting myself with my usual distractions. having all this time to think about my situation kind of made things worse. but i guess it's an opportunity to realize i need to get busy. in some respects, post graduation life has been great, home food, waking up whenever i want, free time to do whatever i want. but it's time to get moving again.

btw.. i saw this comment on youtube..

Why would call a person weird for liking Isaac Hayes? Music today is fuckin silly, man. That shit is weird. Gewn Stefani? Fergie? That shit's weird. It's music for girls with bi-polar disorder and histrionic personality disorder and attention whores.