Monday, November 23, 2009


so i got into a fight with my dad this morning and listened to nightwish on the way to work. which helped, but didn't help as much as how busy work was today. everybody's on vacation or sick. it's amazing how big of a hit we took. supposedly it's going to be like this until new years. at least time will pass quickly.

sergio's sick as hell. i brought him some grapes and perrier. i hope that helps.

worked out today. just did the elliptical and dips and pullups. there have been changes to my body, but i don't think they're too apparent quite yet. i did def improve on the dips tho.

in other words, debt blows major balls. it's like fuck, how nice would it have been to come out of college not in the red? but if i penny pinch like crazy, i can make it disappear in a year and a half or so. that's not too bad. i just have to spend my time not spending money. like working out, or reading books.

i started beloved and the bell jar. which shall i finish first?

i had other shit to say, but dota just sucked the remaining brainpower i had. freaken computer games.. if i didn't play them.. imagine the possibilities!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

~funny day

so i guess today was a funny day.

i woke up really late, because the day before yesterday i only got four hours of sleep and yesterday i wasn't able to catch up either. i guess it just builds like that. but i made it to work in one piece, thinking that i would just come home. so i didn't pack my workout clothes or anything and just went to work.

work was supposed to be a little different today because my boss's boss's boss was coming to visit. most everyone wore business casual or a tie. he came by my cubicle, but i didn't even get to talk to him because SOMEbody took up all of his time blabbering away. this was the same person who helped me put paperclips in my shirt because i forgot my collar stays which i asked her to do, but criticized me for wearing a wrinkled shirt which i did not ask her to do. still, it was funny seeing some people who ALWAYS wear something super casual wear something a bit more formal, just because someone from upper management was there.

he came to basically conduct a meeting with all the managers and also meet the new fire claim reps. they enjoyed his visit as we did a couple of months ago. he's a really cool guy, been with SF for years and years. basically worked his way up the corporate ladder by being mobile and working in all kinds of offices around the country. still, if you look at the big picture, even that guy boss is super low on the whole ladder. my boss's boss manages the fire people in our building, and her boss [the guy who came today] manages fire claims people in our area. his boss manages claims in both fire and auto in our area and THAT guy has five vice presidents above him and THEY have the big boss of california above him. and this california guy has people all across the country who are his equal and then the there's another ladder in bloomington above THAT! it's crazy to think this company has like 85k employees and that's not including agents. it makes me feel small, but i feel that wow.. if i'm able to rise through this company.. that'd really be an achievement.

and because he was there, my boss was busy the whole day which in turn gave me a lot of time to do whatever with. she didn't even notice that i was an hour late [although attendance of her new reps is probably really low on her priority list]. sweet. i did get some work done today, but the time i spent on it was definitely a minority compared to the other stuff i did.

like read this article.

even though i didn't get much sleep, for some reason i felt like i had a lot of energy today. it's like that i guess when you exercise because i've been pretty consistent this week. last week i didn't work out as much as the week before and i definitely felt a drop in energy. i'm still sore from monday's bicep workout, so i guess it was okay that i rested today.

our sf agent called me today to ask me a question about if tree root damage to a block wall was covered or not. i told him that they're not covered and then he divulged to me that my mom asked him to set me up with somebody. LOL that came out of nowhere. he gave me his email address and asked me to send him a picture of me and that he would send me a picture of her. that was pretty random.

i ended up going to my coworker andrew's house after work. we ate at this restaurant in corona. their shrimp cocktail had these HUGE shrimp, for sure must have been u-10s. because they were so big it felt like i was taking a bite out of a huge chunk of meat, and that was unusual for a shrimp experience. their ribeye was pretty good tooad either. it reminded me of bloomington when we ate out pretty much everyday and a lot of those meals were steak. still, i have to try the ribeye at ruth and chris's. i've heard good things about it from a lot of people.

in other news, today is the first day of the rest of the year. i'm pretty much going to be focused from now on on something i'm working on. wish me luck because i'm going to need some discipline to finish this. but then 2010 is going to be a good year. i can feel it. i just need to save some money and learn some skills.

F to the OCUS

Sunday, August 9, 2009


it's a natural high, it really is. today i woke up late, ate a shit ton of enchiladas at my mom's friend mary's house and took a nap. the whole time i felt tired and impotent. but then i rode my bike to 24 and back and now i feel great. cooked dinner, ate it, took a shower. otherwise a pretty uneventful day. oh, i did play some games of dota. but the satisfaction i got out of that was dwarfed by the bike ride. i was supposed to return a bag at sports authority today, but i'll do that tomorrow on the way back from work.

i wish they allowed flip flops at work. shorts also.

but i guess i'm lucky that they allow jeans and such. it would be such a drag to have to wear business casual everyday.

some other things i have to get done before leaving for bloomington..
1. order transcripts for my cuzn
2. call proactiv
3. call dell and tell them they forgot to include a dvi cable in my monitor order
4. return the duffel bag
5. meet up with june

also, this week i'm going to try exercising in the morning. supposedly it burns more fat because u don't have glycogen stores or some shit.. lol and it'd be great to start off my day feelin goooooooooooood

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i was listening to morrissey today, and thought of a certain somebody. i hadn't checked my email yesterday because i spent a lot of time with my dad. so i checked tonight.. and guess who sent me an email.

yes, that certain somebody..


but also, i'm happy that will noh's here. and shekhar came last week.

suddenly the summer doesn't seem so lonely nemore.. ^_^

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So wow is really really fun. But raiding 4-5 times a week from 530-9 is really taking a toll. Perhaps it's because I'm coming off a really tiring weekend, but lately time spend at work has been dragging a little and I'm falling asleep more. Short-term remedy: I'm going to sleep tonight before 11.

There's no doubt in my mind that I shouldn't sustain this kind of commitment. There is so much more I could be doing with almost 20 hours a week.

Instead of playing wow, I could:
-work out (I have a borrowed gym membership that I need to try out)
-read (I got this really cool book on the Supreme Court)
-listen to records (I got this really cool record player and scores of records)
-play more bass (I probably put in about 15 mins a day before going to bed)

3/4 of the above things have added benefits later on. I look better naked, I get smarter, and I get better at a musical instrument.

wow has no added benefits later, except I get to know wownerds from really far away places. Places where Asians are an oddity apparently..

Still, today was really fun. We one-shot Razorscale, wiped a shitton of times on Thorim hard mode and then one-shot Ignis. I didn't get any gear, but I'm not a gear-whore so that's okay. I got some DKP and that's good, considering I spent like 2k DKP on my tier 8.5 chestpiece (yay!). Also, I beat the other holy priest who has like 3/5 tier 8.5 and some best in slot items, on the healmeter. That gives me satisfaction.

Anyway, my deadline is almost up. So far my plan is to play until Shekhar gets here around the end of June. Then become a "casual" raider, and perhaps try to raid once or twice a week.

Is that reasonable?

Ooo, and I used capitals on this post.. how does it look?

Monday, June 1, 2009

~ups and downs

the past couple weeks have been kinda crazy. but i guess the most important thing to think about when you're down is to be open to the good things that are around you while not not not getting caught up in negative things.

today especially has been a roller coaster.

but i'm glad to say.. overall it's been a good day.

some good things today: seeing db, hearing my dad laugh behind me (right now), hearing jy's voice, being comforted by anilyn, eating good cake, finding a bunch of my cuzn's cds, seeing the cute girl who works at the place i got dinner at..

may tomorrow be even better!

Thursday, May 21, 2009



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009


i had one cigarette today.

that is all.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

~short day

so i woke up at 730 this morning, drove home, computered, then went back to sleep around 10. i woke up again at 5, played some wow, ate some food, went out to buy smokes, computered some more. this has been pretty much one of the most unproductive days ever.

but still, i got the rancho cucamonga job. i took the drug test yesterday, and found out from the hr rep that they haven't done my background check because they couldn't verify my degree from ucsd, couldn't verify my baskin robbins job, and couldn't verify my academic chess job. these are all things i have to sort out on monday.

some guildies are running aq40 tomorrow. imma set an alarm, but it's no guarantee.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


so things are looking a bit up. i got an email last week from the state farm hr person telling me that there was a fire claim representative position open in rancho cucamonga. i'm kind of worried about the korean language test that they're giving me on friday. i have to speak on the phone with someone in korean for like 20 minutes. the evaluations come out like superior, advanced- high mid low, intermediate high mid low, and probably basic high mid low. my cousin said i'm probably intermediate-ish, but they're looking for someone who's at least advanced mid. still, i guess i have nothing to lose for trying.

there's this jehovah's witness korean lady that comes to our house every once in a while, and she just left. i think she comes because my mom humors her, and so do i. my dad kind of hates her. lol. but today she came with her daughter, who was super cute. what a waste!! i thought. part of me thinks that most religious people have a little bit of crazy in them, but a manageable amount. but jehovah's witnesses? no blood transfusions because of an obscure passage in a 3000 year old document that's been mistranslated, misunderstood and misinterpreted as justification for some truly evil shit? goddamn..

she was super cute though, and i guess that part of it put me in somewhat of a better mood. i think next time they show up i might have a copy of doubt to give to them, just to spark up some conversation or perhaps a copy of religious just to make them stop coming. probably in that order. doubt then religious. i hope their religion isn't against piracy.. lol

Thursday, January 29, 2009


ben frank said that both fish and visitors stink after three days. it's been three weeks since my two aunts, uncle and cousin came down from washington state, and i was mostly glad they were around, i think they're starting to stink. i was talking to my other cousin about this the other day and said, "God.. if they don't leave tomorrow, i'm going to leave." so yes, if they don't leave by tomorrow, i'm going somewhere. somewhere else.

of course, my cousin also put forth a metaphor of his own about girls being underwear and after "wearing" one for one day, you have to wear a new one or at least launder the old one. i think perhaps his metaphor falls short of ben frank's.

in other news, john updike died a couple of days ago. a month ago, i planned on listing a bunch of people that died in 2008.. because there were a lot. let's see...

william f. buckley
bobby fischer
sir edmund hillary
heath ledger
arthur c. clarke
charlton heston
albert hofmann
syndey pollack
george carlin
issac hayes
richard wright
paul newman
michael crichton

hmm, i guess this is it among the people that had some sort of effect (some small, some large) on my life. it'd be tight if i could go down this list and do something in remembrance of these people. number seven would be tough to do now-ish i guess.

my internet's been really shitty the past month. some hours of the day it works fine, while in others it connects for like 10 seconds and then disconnects and follows that routine. i probably spent like 20 gold on repairs on deaths where i didn't really need to die (dc while fighting a mob at 3/4 mana and hp). still, i dinged 71, and wrath is pretty fun. they made wow so easy. as soon as i started again at 61 or 62, i had like 3 new abilities that made me able to not drink while questing plus a finishing spell and an aoe heal/damage. supposedly you can even run naxx in a pug. in the very near future i'm going to get a new router and if that doesn't solve the problem, i might switch to verizon fios or something.

also, once upon a time in america is a really good movie. sergio leone, robert de niro, ennio morricone.. goddamn.. >_< now i need to watch a fistful of dollars trilogy.

the past couple weeks have been different from the past six months because the presence of my relatives and the shittiness of my internet have precluded me from distracting myself with my usual distractions. having all this time to think about my situation kind of made things worse. but i guess it's an opportunity to realize i need to get busy. in some respects, post graduation life has been great, home food, waking up whenever i want, free time to do whatever i want. but it's time to get moving again.

btw.. i saw this comment on youtube..

Why would call a person weird for liking Isaac Hayes? Music today is fuckin silly, man. That shit is weird. Gewn Stefani? Fergie? That shit's weird. It's music for girls with bi-polar disorder and histrionic personality disorder and attention whores.