Monday, November 23, 2009


so i got into a fight with my dad this morning and listened to nightwish on the way to work. which helped, but didn't help as much as how busy work was today. everybody's on vacation or sick. it's amazing how big of a hit we took. supposedly it's going to be like this until new years. at least time will pass quickly.

sergio's sick as hell. i brought him some grapes and perrier. i hope that helps.

worked out today. just did the elliptical and dips and pullups. there have been changes to my body, but i don't think they're too apparent quite yet. i did def improve on the dips tho.

in other words, debt blows major balls. it's like fuck, how nice would it have been to come out of college not in the red? but if i penny pinch like crazy, i can make it disappear in a year and a half or so. that's not too bad. i just have to spend my time not spending money. like working out, or reading books.

i started beloved and the bell jar. which shall i finish first?

i had other shit to say, but dota just sucked the remaining brainpower i had. freaken computer games.. if i didn't play them.. imagine the possibilities!!


Sarup said...

i hope things get better with you and your dad. miss you thomas, it's been way too long. happy early thanksgiving :)

Sawyer said...

update damn i miss dota