Monday, March 22, 2010


finally it's here, and there's so much more daylight. i've been looking forward to it all winter.

for the past month, my eye has been twitching when i get less than 7 hours of sleep. this is annoying, especially when you're in a meeting with your boss.

i have a new boss. he is much quicker at getting back to me and DWHSHW, but talks a lot and seems like a rubber stamp. i wonder what my raise is going to look like this year.

being a grownup is a process for sure. haven't done my taxes yet, but my mom's pressuring me to buy a house. i wouldn't mind since she'd front the 20%, but i don't know if housing prices are gonna go up enough in a few years to justify putting myself in six figure debt.

i bought a wii and a ps3. but i don't have enough time to play ffxiii or fallout 3. this makes me sad.

i've been splurging this past month though since November or so i've been semi frugal. i've have enough to put the max for a year into a IRA, but i'm heistant to do so cause then i'd be broke. mammoth trip put be back more than $300, i got a snowboarding jacket for $120 [honestly thinking about taking advantage of REI's return policy and returning it] , and although i don't have to pay the full amount until a year and a half from now, i still spent like $800 on the ps3 and wii. also i spent some dough on fees and textbooks for physics.

i'm taking physics at fjc. kind of random. i was doing really well in the class but i've been slipping these past couple weeks. still, i can get an a if i shape up. i like this professor's mindset. he knows most jc kids don't have study skills and procrastinate. solution? have a "exam" every week and a quiz every week. this way it's tougher to fall behind cause it reflects in your current grades.

i saw wilmar and sarah and some other 'tones this past weekend. it was nice hearing some good accapella, even though the judging was bullshit. also seeing old 'tones faces and hearing their voices.. it's been a while.

stuff i've been listening to:
minus the bear - my time
-finally, a minus the bear song where you can hear the bass
paramore - playing god, brick by boring brick
-love the lyrics and chorus to playing god. brick by boring brick is just so catchy
kings of convenience - homesick, misread, i'd rather dance with you
-kind of soft, soothing music. i love the lyrics to homesick, especially when i'm driving to work and dreading the day
phoenix - 1901, fences
-lol cadillac commercial
alicia keyes - love is blind
-i like how she changes her voice for this song, and how dark it sounds too
nicole willis and the soul investigators - soul investigators theme, keep reachin' up, blues downtown
-can't believe these songs were recorded in the 2000s, sounds like a blast from the past


god, blogging is nice. why did i stop?


Wilmar said...

glad you're back to blogging man

Sawyer said...

lol i love this line "he...seems like a rubber stamp"

but what does it mean?