Wednesday, February 4, 2009


so things are looking a bit up. i got an email last week from the state farm hr person telling me that there was a fire claim representative position open in rancho cucamonga. i'm kind of worried about the korean language test that they're giving me on friday. i have to speak on the phone with someone in korean for like 20 minutes. the evaluations come out like superior, advanced- high mid low, intermediate high mid low, and probably basic high mid low. my cousin said i'm probably intermediate-ish, but they're looking for someone who's at least advanced mid. still, i guess i have nothing to lose for trying.

there's this jehovah's witness korean lady that comes to our house every once in a while, and she just left. i think she comes because my mom humors her, and so do i. my dad kind of hates her. lol. but today she came with her daughter, who was super cute. what a waste!! i thought. part of me thinks that most religious people have a little bit of crazy in them, but a manageable amount. but jehovah's witnesses? no blood transfusions because of an obscure passage in a 3000 year old document that's been mistranslated, misunderstood and misinterpreted as justification for some truly evil shit? goddamn..

she was super cute though, and i guess that part of it put me in somewhat of a better mood. i think next time they show up i might have a copy of doubt to give to them, just to spark up some conversation or perhaps a copy of religious just to make them stop coming. probably in that order. doubt then religious. i hope their religion isn't against piracy.. lol