Sunday, August 9, 2009


it's a natural high, it really is. today i woke up late, ate a shit ton of enchiladas at my mom's friend mary's house and took a nap. the whole time i felt tired and impotent. but then i rode my bike to 24 and back and now i feel great. cooked dinner, ate it, took a shower. otherwise a pretty uneventful day. oh, i did play some games of dota. but the satisfaction i got out of that was dwarfed by the bike ride. i was supposed to return a bag at sports authority today, but i'll do that tomorrow on the way back from work.

i wish they allowed flip flops at work. shorts also.

but i guess i'm lucky that they allow jeans and such. it would be such a drag to have to wear business casual everyday.

some other things i have to get done before leaving for bloomington..
1. order transcripts for my cuzn
2. call proactiv
3. call dell and tell them they forgot to include a dvi cable in my monitor order
4. return the duffel bag
5. meet up with june

also, this week i'm going to try exercising in the morning. supposedly it burns more fat because u don't have glycogen stores or some shit.. lol and it'd be great to start off my day feelin goooooooooooood