Saturday, October 24, 2009

~funny day

so i guess today was a funny day.

i woke up really late, because the day before yesterday i only got four hours of sleep and yesterday i wasn't able to catch up either. i guess it just builds like that. but i made it to work in one piece, thinking that i would just come home. so i didn't pack my workout clothes or anything and just went to work.

work was supposed to be a little different today because my boss's boss's boss was coming to visit. most everyone wore business casual or a tie. he came by my cubicle, but i didn't even get to talk to him because SOMEbody took up all of his time blabbering away. this was the same person who helped me put paperclips in my shirt because i forgot my collar stays which i asked her to do, but criticized me for wearing a wrinkled shirt which i did not ask her to do. still, it was funny seeing some people who ALWAYS wear something super casual wear something a bit more formal, just because someone from upper management was there.

he came to basically conduct a meeting with all the managers and also meet the new fire claim reps. they enjoyed his visit as we did a couple of months ago. he's a really cool guy, been with SF for years and years. basically worked his way up the corporate ladder by being mobile and working in all kinds of offices around the country. still, if you look at the big picture, even that guy boss is super low on the whole ladder. my boss's boss manages the fire people in our building, and her boss [the guy who came today] manages fire claims people in our area. his boss manages claims in both fire and auto in our area and THAT guy has five vice presidents above him and THEY have the big boss of california above him. and this california guy has people all across the country who are his equal and then the there's another ladder in bloomington above THAT! it's crazy to think this company has like 85k employees and that's not including agents. it makes me feel small, but i feel that wow.. if i'm able to rise through this company.. that'd really be an achievement.

and because he was there, my boss was busy the whole day which in turn gave me a lot of time to do whatever with. she didn't even notice that i was an hour late [although attendance of her new reps is probably really low on her priority list]. sweet. i did get some work done today, but the time i spent on it was definitely a minority compared to the other stuff i did.

like read this article.

even though i didn't get much sleep, for some reason i felt like i had a lot of energy today. it's like that i guess when you exercise because i've been pretty consistent this week. last week i didn't work out as much as the week before and i definitely felt a drop in energy. i'm still sore from monday's bicep workout, so i guess it was okay that i rested today.

our sf agent called me today to ask me a question about if tree root damage to a block wall was covered or not. i told him that they're not covered and then he divulged to me that my mom asked him to set me up with somebody. LOL that came out of nowhere. he gave me his email address and asked me to send him a picture of me and that he would send me a picture of her. that was pretty random.

i ended up going to my coworker andrew's house after work. we ate at this restaurant in corona. their shrimp cocktail had these HUGE shrimp, for sure must have been u-10s. because they were so big it felt like i was taking a bite out of a huge chunk of meat, and that was unusual for a shrimp experience. their ribeye was pretty good tooad either. it reminded me of bloomington when we ate out pretty much everyday and a lot of those meals were steak. still, i have to try the ribeye at ruth and chris's. i've heard good things about it from a lot of people.

in other news, today is the first day of the rest of the year. i'm pretty much going to be focused from now on on something i'm working on. wish me luck because i'm going to need some discipline to finish this. but then 2010 is going to be a good year. i can feel it. i just need to save some money and learn some skills.

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